Our Minister

Our Vision:

We are a welcoming and supportive community with open minds and loving hearts that provides spiritual nourishment, promotes free religious thought, and works for a more just world.

Our Mission:

  • We promote the free exchange of ideas, while bridging differences
  • We foster personal, spiritual, and intellectual exploration
  • We care for one another and provide mutual support
  • We act for social justice and live our values in the broader community
Our congregation began in the early fifties and has a long record of activism for justice and equality. Today, our church has a beautiful building located in Birmingham just outside Homewood. We still continue our long tradition of social justice.
We are a Welcoming Congregation, meaning we welcome and affirm people from all walks of life, including people who identify with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community.
We invite you to learn more about our church by exploring our website. The following links might be of interest to the new visitor.