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Multi-Session Classes January-June 2017

Developing Beliefs, Principles and Goals: A Pragmatist’s Guide to Spirituality

Leader:  Rev. Ed Brock Time & Place: Three Sundays (Jan 15, Jan 22, and Feb 5), 12 to 1:00 pm, Volker Room. Description:  Developing a clear statement of what we really believe and what our core principles are is a deeply personal and very important part of living well and with meaning. In this class we will explore this challenge with the goal of helping everyone in the class move toward developing their own unique beliefs, principles and life goals.

This I Believe

Leader:  Barbara Koehler Time & Place:  Three Sundays: February 5, 12 & 19 at 12 to 1:00 pm, Room #103 Description:  We will each write an essay that expresses the core principles that guide our life – a personal credo.  First we will read and discuss essays written by others, contained in the book, This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women, edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman (paperback edition 2007).  The second class will end with instructions on writing our own essay. On the third Sunday, we will read our own “This I Believe” essays, which may be the focus of a future Sunday service.

Dealing with Difficult People

Leader:  Mary Ann Plant Time & Place:  Four Sundays (Feb 12, 19, 26 and Mar 5), 12 to 1:15 pm, Volker Room. Description:  Some people drive us nuts! And that’s stressful when the stakes in a situation are high, whether it’s a work conflict, a strained personal relationship, or an encounter between members of a voluntary organization (e.g., church??). Explore the ways in which such “difficult people” aggravate us, ways to counter and diffuse their tactics, and paths to more positive and satisfying communication.  Sharing of personal experiences is welcomed—but optional.

Transgender 101

Co-Leaders:  Lisa Moyer and Corey Shum Time & Place:  Two Sundays, April 9 and 16, Noon to 2:00 pm, Room #103 Description: Come to this workshop to educate yourself on some of the frameworks and ideas that transgender people use to understand and describe themselves and their gender. We’ll cover the basics of gender identity, how the T fits into the LGBTQ acronym, and some of the new and evolving language and terminology. Then we’ll focus in on how we can be respectful and welcoming to this community of people and those who care about them.

Building Your Own Theology

Co-Leaders:  Bill Long and Anthony Hamley Time & Place:  Seven one-hour sessions: April 23 & 30 (12:15), May 7 (12:45), 14, 21 & 28 (12:15), June 4 (12:45).  Volker Room. Description:  Who doesn’t wonder about the “big questions,” the great issues of life? Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people? Whether the universe we inhabit is an awesome stroke of luck? How do religious liberals lead virtuous lives without hope of heaven and fear of eternal hell? Where do we Unitarian Universalists find within us the enthusiasm and the stamina required to champion our free faith wherever we may go? If we live, breathe, hurt, cry, and pursue understanding, we cannot avoid “doing theology”! Doing theology is reflecting on life’s questions: thinking critically about the “whys” of human experience and the values and convictions we embrace. You are invited to embark on the adventure of exploring and expressing that which is of ultimate meaning and value in our lives.

One-Time Events

Beaded Jewelry Making Leader: Angela Pruitt Time & Place:  Angela’s home at times and dates mutually agreed upon. Description:  Individual instruction or working with two people at the same time.  You may purchase supplies from Angela, provide your own materials, or bring jewelry you would like to repair, update, or recycle.  Contact Angela (call church office)

Book Discussion: Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler Leader:  Marilyn Kurata Time & Place: 6-7 pm, Thursday, Feb 2, Pickett Room Description:  This 2016 novel is part of the Hogarth series that asks contemporary authors to reimagine and recast Shakespeare’s plays.  Explore how Tyler updates the expectations of womanly behavior and marital relationships in this modernized version of Taming of the Shrew.   The Empathy Project** Leader: Anne Ledvina, Director of International Programs, Birmingham Southern College Time & Place:  7- 8 pm, Saturday, March 11, UUCB Sanctuary   Description:  The Empathy Project is a performance piece that tells the stories of refugees moving across the world in search of safety, hope, and survival for their families and themselves.  Feel what it must be like to leave your home due to forces outside your control, to leave everything you know and love behind and to traverse unknown lands and seas in search of refuge.  Join Anne Ledvina, the playwright, and cast for a guided discussion following the performance.

Bird Walk Co-Leaders: Bob Koehler Time & Place:  8 am, Saturday, March 25.  Meet at Birmingham Botanical Garden Description:  Slow paced lasting approximately 1-2 hours (weather permitting). Remember to bring your binoculars.

Spring Hike Leader:  Dick Echols Time & Place:  TBD,  weather permitting, Red Mountain Park Description:  Moderate hike lasting approximately 3-4 hours.  To participate, contact church office for further information about exact meeting place at the park.  Hike will be postponed in case of rain, so please contact Dick if weather is a concern.

Zaatari:  Jordan’s Newest City** Leader:  Dunya Habash, producer Time & Place:  6:30-8:30 pm, Monday, March 27 Description: Zatari is a documentary about the refugee camp for Syrians in Jordan.  Dunya Habash is spending the year at Oxford University, but she will be joining us for the film screening and following Q&A.  Dunya will be featured as a Birmingham Ted Talk speaker on March 25.  (see for a link to this film)

Wildflower Walk Co-Leaders: Janice Williams and Marcia Mancill Time & Place:  2 pm, Sunday, April 2.  Birmingham Botanical Garden Description: Join Janice and Marcia for an informative stroll through the BBG’s Kaul Wildflower Garden.  Sign-up is required (contact the church office).  We will meet at the fountain in the main plaza and expect the walk to last between 1 and 2 hours. Comfortable shoes and maybe water bottles are suggested. Rain date to be decided.

Tour of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Leader: Susan Putnam Time & Place:  Wed, April 12. Meet at 10:00 am in front lobby of BCRI. Description:  Susan has been a longtime volunteer at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.  If you have never visited this iconic museum, the #1 sightseeing destination for international visitors to Birmingham, this is the time to go.  If you have visited before, this is a great opportunity to return.  Admission is $5 for seniors (over 65), $15 adults, $6 for college students with ID, and free for children.  People may want to self-organize a carpool from the church.  Free parking is available at the BCRI.


Ongoing Classes and Events

Cottage Suppers
Coordinator: Mary Ann Plant Place: at the homes of the hosts (Interested in hosting? Contact the Church office) To participate: Fill in sign-up sheet or contact the Church office. Description: Each participant brings a dish to a pot-luck dinner hosted by a church member or friend.

Meditation Group
Contact person: Mary Williams
Time and Place: Volker Room – Sunday mornings from 9 – 10 am.
Description: Silent meditation in the Thich Nhat Hahn Buddhist tradition occurs for the first 30 minutes, followed by reading and discussion.

MUUsicShare meets in the sanctuary the first Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.
Join us to play and sing your favorite folk and popular songs.
All acoustic instruments, all players and/or singers at all levels and all ages are welcome.
Contact Julie Shum or Debra Burrell for more information.

Small Groups
SGM happens when a group of committed folks come together to focus and explore a variety of topics and to encourage listening more than speech making, and the sharing of personal stories more than critique.  It is soul tending time; a time to form new friendships and connect to others. As of March 2017, there are currently five groups up and running at UUCB with a total of 34 individual participants.  A new group may start anytime.  Anyone may put together a group or join a new group. All that is needed are two co-leaders and 7-11 members.

  • Leigh Shaffer has joined Kim Spidell in co-leading Small Group Ministry.  Bill Long and Mike Jablonski no longer serve on this committee.  Thanks to Bill and Mike for their time and efforts in supporting SGM.  You may contact Kim at and Leigh at
  • Keep an eye out for some of the current UUCB SGM participants sporting a blue lapel button that reads ASK ME ABOUT Small Group Ministry. We would love to get more folks involved in this grassroots movement.

SUUnday ForUUm
Contact people: Jim Albea and Janice Williams
Time and Place: Sunday morning from 9 to 10:30 am, Room #122.
To participate:  just show up, visitors and newcomers are welcome.
Description:  For most sessions, participants will view a 30 minute video from a Learning Company series first, with discussion to follow.

 UU101- Membership Contact: Linda Corliss Time and Place: 11:45 am on Sunday, May 7 and 14, in the Sanctuary. Description: What do we believe in?  Are we the kind of people you want to hang out   with? This is a good time to get to know other UU’S and ask questions. Take the class and join whenever.  Meet people who are searching for community and purpose.

Visitor Q & A Facilitator: Membership Committee member
Time and Place:  3rd Sunday at 11:45 am in the Pickett Room
Description: The Visitor Q/A is for any visitor that has questions about Unitarian Universalism or our church.  A member of the membership committee will meet with the visitors and have a variety of pamphlets and handouts available.



Spring Equinox Camp

March 27-31
Drop-off from 9am-3pm
Kindergarten through 6th grade

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