Children’s Choir

The following note from Children’s Choir Director Tommy Thompson to members about the August 16, 2014 Choir Retreat will give you a feel of the fun that awaits!

“The Choir Retreat will begin with the lighting of our chalice, an opportunity share their summer activities, and a time in which we will develop our family/choir covenant.  We will be working on a song for the In Gathering Service on August 24, songs for the pageant on Dec. 14, (St. Lucia a Scandinavian Holiday, so we may be learning some songs in Danish) and various services throughout the year including the stewardship dinner.  We will also be learning many of the songs that we will be singing in RE this year as well.  It is my goal for the children’s choir to sing about every other month probably during the time for all ages and definitely during intergenerational services, RE and Choir Sundays. It is also my goal for this choir to grow and build a strong community of singers that will go on to become church leaders.”

How to get involved:  contact Tommy Thompson, Children’s Choir Director.


2013 Holiday Pageant: December in Our Town

Zachary & Hana

Forest & Stella

Doo Wop

Congratulations to our Children’s Choir, directed by Tommy Thompson, for a wonderful Holiday Pageant!