At the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham, volunteers are the lifeblood of our congregation. They fill our committees, make flower arrangements, lead our small groups, cut the grass, make the coffee, greet visitors, run our Stewardship campaigns, and more! A constant stream of them flows through all aspects of church life.

If you are not a member of one of the committees, please talk to the appropriate committee chair. If you are interested in one of our OPEN slots, please contact Virginia Volker at

Adult Enrichment


The purpose of Adult Enrichment is to promote the spiritual, intellectual, and creative growth of UUCB members and friends by organizing classes, interest groups, and forums.  These activities allow members and friends to get to know one another better, thereby fostering church community.

Co-Chairs: Marilyn Kurata and Susan Barrow at

Building & Grounds


The Building  & Grounds Committee manages the building and grounds including both upkeep & maintenance .

Building:  This includes things such as:

  • cleaning staff
  • roof
  • a/c
  • overall building infrastructure

Grounds: This includes things such as:

  • pruning
  • cutting grass
  • weeding
  • parking lot

Chair: Sylvia Martin at

Care & Share


Care and Share strives to keep abreast of our congregants’ needs through the Circle of Lights and reports to committee members. We are committed to providing timely and supportive services to the best of our abilities

Co-Chairs: Susan Barrow and Nancy Grove at


Committee on Ministry


Serves as a relational conduit for the congregation, including its committees and its minister(s).  Seeks to support and promote the ministry and mission of the entire church. Is responsible for the Volunteer Spotlight.”

Chair: Bill Long at


Decorating Committee


The Decorating Committee works to make the church attractive and inviting by bringing harmony and unity to spaces in which we worship, socialize and work together.  The committee is responsible for all interior spaces on the upper level and, on the lower level, the Reading and Volker Rooms.

Chair: Barbara Koehler at


Denominational Affairs


Ensure members are aware of various events that are occurring in the area that are of interest.

Chair: Thomas Lower at




Oversees funds that go to UUA for management of funds. If funds are a realized gift from an estate, it will be considered an endowment unless otherwise noted.

Chair: Committee will elect chair


Film Series


The Film Committee plans and organizes a series of film-and-discussion events each year, offering cinematic adventures and thought-provoking discussions on a variety of topics for church members and members of the wider Birmingham community.

Chair: Pam Powell at




The Finance Committee works with the Board to develop the church budget and monitors expenditures and financial status on a monthly basis.  The Finance Committee works with other groups on projects to improve the financial status of the church.

Chair: Diane Tucker at




This groups generates funds from people who pay to have flowers in the service. Once the reserve is over a certain amount, the money goes to church.

Chair: Gerda Carmichael at


Information Technology


Manages the technologies that enable and promote communication, both internally and externally, including internet, website, physical computing, network infrastructure, and other related information technologies.

Chair: Corey Shum at




Provide leadership for the social justice concerns of the church, metro area, state, nation, and the global community.

They assign one to the be the recipient of STP (Share the Plate) once per month.  They will assist Worship Associates (Partners) in getting a speaker.

Acting Chair: Virginia Volker at


Community Outreach (sub-group of Justice)


This groups takes donations & casseroles to FireHouse Shelter, Pathways and Greater Birmingham Ministry.

Chair: OPEN


Kitchen & Coffee


This committee ensures that coffee is made each Sunday.  They also assist with various events that occur at the church and request that food be brought in and lays it out.

Chair: Open




Ensures that UU 101 (New Member Class) is held periodically.  Manages the Visitor Q&A held normally on the 3rd Sunday of the month.  Follows up with visitors and periodically assist the Administrator Assistant with reviewing the Membership Book.

Co-Chairs: Linda Corliss and Patti Steelman at


Greeters (sub group of Membership)


Greets ALL people as they come into the church and ask visitors to complete a card and fill out a name tag.

Chair: Laura Stultz at


Memorial Garden


Ensure that the plaques are engraved and installed in the Memorial Garden to commemorate the departed.

Chair: John Powell at




Works with Jim and Chip. Finds replacement pianist when Chip is not here which must be paid from their funds.  Also, ensures that copies of music are made for the choir & placed in binders. If needed, schedules the piano repairs/tune-up.

Co-Chairs: Angela Pruitt and Debbie Soniat at




Works to have a slate of Board members every year along with other congregational approved committee members. The Nominating Committee shall consist of five members of the Congregation elected by the Congregation.

Chair: Priscilla Graven at




“The purpose of our committee is to gather in our own so that all Unitarians of heart and mind know about us in the Birmingham area.”

Chair: John Bawden at


Social Networking (sub-group of Outreach)


This is a sub-committee of Outreach and currently part of Outreach until it officially splits off. The major function is social networking such as Facebook and Twitter feeds and other sites that are appropriate.

Chair: Patti Steelman at




Responsible for the interviewing, contracting, evaluating, and overseeing of the church staff in order to facilitate a productive and harmonious work environment for all.  Conducts yearly evaluations and provides input to the Board about appropriate rates of pay for the staff.  The Personnel Committee attempts to responsibly rectify and/or answer any staffing problems or questions.  The Personnel Committee is also responsible for periodically evaluating the church’s health insurance programs to make sure they are beneficial and cost-effective for all concerned.

Chair: Barbara Koehler at


Safe Congregation


Procedures for nurturing healthy boundaries at UUCB. This will ensure an environment that is safer and more secure for both children and adults.

Co-Chairs: Mitch Bolton and Tommy Thompson at


Religious Education


The mission of this committee is to support our congregants in their search for meaning and spiritual growth in an accepting environment that is nurturing and loving, yet challenging and stimulating, and to support our Director in his/her work.

Chair: Heather Hunter at


Small Group Ministry


Small Group Ministry meets seasonally: fall, winter and spring, and consist of 8-10 people who commit to meet regularly for roughly three months.  SGM members listen to each other, but do not attempt to solve each other’s problems. These are not therapy or encounter groups. Each meeting will have a topic – groups can decide on which topics to explore or they can use any of a number of books available with topics and guidelines. There is a meeting format and group leaders.  This is an exercise in listening and quiet contemplation.

Chair: Kim Spidell at




Oversees the campaign drive for pledges in order that the Board can prepare the budget for the following year.  The Board needs to come up with a prospective budget before the drive to use as an inspiration target for the pledge drive.

Chair: Ruth Vann Lillian at



As sanctuary greeters, the ushers should be cheerful and friendly, and as ushers (helpers), they should be trained and eager to help the Church attendees and those providing the day’s service with whatever help is needed. It is the responsibility of the ushers to see to the comfort, safety, and needs of the congregation and to help to make the service run smoothly.

Chair: Buck Williams at


Worship Associates


Worship Associates work with the minister to plan worship topics and other parts of the Service, and serve in the role of Service Leader.

Chair: Leigh Shaffer at


In addition to committees, at UUCB we have many working teams and groups of interests that form for specific purposes. These include:


Auction Team


A way to support our beloved church community!  There will be unique items in all price ranges. Eat, drink, be merry, and support the church in one fabulous evening!  Members and friends donate hundreds of items and crafts for this event.

Contact: Marilyn Kurata at


Green Team


Green Team was formed to inspire our congregation to make earth-friendly choices in our daily lives as part of our commitment to the UU 7th principle. Education is our goal so we can better understand how every decision has an environmental justice impact.

Contact: LeNell Camacho Santa Ana at


Refugee Group


The Refugee Interest Group was organized in October 2016 to identify ways that the UUCB can support refugees.  The group is currently exploring ways to partner with the local Muslim Community Center, the Catholic Social Services Refugee Resettlement program in Mobile, and with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee to identify and implement programs to support refugees.

Contact: Lynda Wilson at


Mid-Somethings Group


We are young adults ranging in age from approximately our mid-20’s to mid-40’s [this is not an exact science], establishing a social and intellectual resource for people in the Birmingham area. We meet every third Sunday of the month for lunch or dinner, participate in volunteering activities, do community outreach and have fun meetups that are geared for those with children and those without.

Contact: or our Facebook Group