Justice Committee

Do you feel a calling to be involved in justice issues such as state constitutional reform, religious liberty, civil and other minority rights, the plight of the homeless, health care reform, economic opportunity, fair trade, immigration rights, and advocacy for world peace? If so, then the justice committee is for you!

For more information about how to become involved in our social justice efforts, contact Bob Dyck at chair.justice@uucbham.org.


The Justice Committee, responsive to the interests and commitments of UUCB and its Board of Trustees, serves as the principal voice of the congregation in delineating and providing leadership for social justice issues of interest and concern to our church community, the metropolitan area, and to our state, national, and global communities.

The Justice Committee defines justice in terms of ethical principles of fairness and equity in all relationships—social, religious, political, and economic principles that are consistent with the historical traditions of the centuries’ old Unitarian and Universalist churches. The Committee directs its concern to those social structures that are detrimental to the economic and environmental interests of impacted population groups. The Committee asserts its commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflict, recognizing the worth and dignity of all persons and the integrity of the eco-systems of which we are a part.

In furtherance of these principles, the Justice Committee seeks, on behalf of the UUCB community, to work toward a better understanding of social justice; to build constituencies to work for positive change in oppressive social, political, economic, and religious structures; and to network with other religious and interfaith organizations, educational and informational groups, and other private-sector and non-profit organizations to achieve amelioration of social injustices.[/expand]

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