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In January and February, our Volunteer Spotlight shines on Andrea Coleman.

Andrea Coleman and her six-year-old son Lennon have been attending UUCB for four years. Andrea became a member in 2014. She is a leader in the RE program, having volunteered for three years as a RE teacher, served on the SEEC committee, and served on the RE Search Committee in 2015. She conceived the idea for Little Huumans summer camp that focused on nature and art, developing the program, and acting as the camp director. In 2015 she organized the Vacation Principles School that led UU kids through activities such as yoga, plant identification, art, and worm farming.  In December 2016, she led the first Solstice Camp for children.  She is such an important part of these camps, that she earns a stipend for her efforts. This year she is also working as a paid pre-school teacher.

Andrea’s joyful and kind spirit draws children and their parents to her. She is spreading the word about UUCB to like-minded parents. She encouraged her secular home school group and the Shiva Scouts to meet here, two paying tenants for the church. Between these organizations, the summer and winter camps, and her enthusiasm for the Caregiver’s Day Out, she has drawn several new families to the church.    

Andrea says she loves the church because it is inclusive of the LGBTQ community and it is a place where people can explore their spirituality without being judged.  She also says that she loves being the lead pre-school teacher because, “three- and four-year-olds are so adorable.”



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