Volunteer Spotlight

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In May and June, our Volunteer Spotlight shines on Trey Tarrant.

Trey Tarrant and his partner, Heather Hunter, have been members of the church since 2009. Their daughters, Calliope and Stella, have grown up in the church. Trey is active in a number of aspects of church life. He teaches Sunday school for the 5th – 12th grade students and is a frequent substitute teacher for other classes. Trey and Heather are often involved in coordinating other RE activities, such as the Halloween events and Valentine’s dance. Trey has been instrumental in coordinating grounds maintenance and improvement activities, especially the children’s playground area. He and Heather occasionally perform music for church services.

Trey grew up the son of a Presbyterian minister (PCUSA) and was very active in church activities as a teenager. Shortly after high school, he became disillusioned with theistic ideologies and rejected the Christian faith of his upbringing, but he continued his search for meaning and truth in life. He married Heather Hunter in 2001, and after their first child was born some years later, he began attending the UU Church of Birmingham. Trey was attracted to the UU Church by the absence of religious dogma and by the Seven Principles, which he found to be consistent with his personal philosophy. Trey and family have found membership in the UU Church to be nurturing of their spiritual lives and a great place to cultivate social connections with like-minded people.

Trey is a landscaper by trade, as well as an avid gardener. He enjoys playing with his family, road and mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, dogs, and making music. He considers Thai curries to be the world’s most perfect food, closely followed by a very top-notch cantaloupe.





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