Prayers for Unitarian Universalists

Sometimes families in our church are very comfortable coming up with blessings, graces, nighttime prayers, and so on.  And sometimes people would love some suggestions for what is often a chosen new faith for the family.  You can find a number of wonderful prayers here.  Feel free to adapt to your own family as needed.

Death and Dying

In the course of our children’s lives, they will encounter illness and death, whether in loved ones, bugs in the garden, or in the wider world. It can be so hard to know how best to prepare our little ones, particularly when the one who is ill or dying is a beloved pet or close family member. Our Spiritual and Ethical Enrichment Committee has pulled together three documents that may be helpful to you during such a time.

Books that prepare for the idea of death

Talking To Children About Death

Books that help explain Terminal Illness to Children